What is Lighten Up Life Coaching and How Can it Help Me?


A balanced life is similar to a balanced table.  All four legs need to be the same strength and height in order for the table to do a good job.  Most of us find that in some aspects of life we are thriving, yet in others we still have work to do.  Lighten Up Life Coaching understands that in order to create real health and find real peace and joy, the four “legs” of our life must all be in balance.  These are your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional selves.  The Lighten Up program provides a way for you to investigate and improve all areas of your life, while tailoring your coaching experience for your particular needs.

Sometimes, we get so used to doing things a certain way that it can be hard to see how to make improvements. Often, we need inspiration and courage to breathe fresh air into our desires to get motivated to make needed changes. Using easy to follow techniques and practices, Lighten Up teaches you to harness your true power in order to gain effective control over your life and turn your dreams into reality. Lighten Up helps you find the creative solutions to get back on track, as well as the encouragement to reach your visions!

The basic tenants of the Lighten Up Approach:

  1. There is no better time then now to make changes.
    We must “start where we are.” Looking back only serves when the focus is on determining what was ineffective in order to discover more successful alternatives. There are no failures in life, only lessons and feedback.
  2. You cannot hit a target you cannot see.
    In order to make positive changes, you must develop a clear and well-defined picture of what it is that you want. Part of our approach is to clear away the confusion and clutter that may be keeping you from making positive changes.
  3. Discipline is remembering what you want.
    The key to the Lighten Up approach is to help you keep focused, motivated and determined on your path. Discipline is seldom difficult when you feel motivated and excited about what it is that you are doing.
  4. You are what you think you are.
    It is important to examine core beliefs and values to ensure they are compatible with your goals. Working within value systems is the most effective way of remaining on the path to our visions and goals. The plan is not to re-invent the wheel- just to reshape it to get it moving forward!
  5. You must assume you will achieve your goals in order to achieve them.
    This seems so simple- but it is often the hardest thing to realize. Often, people do not find success because they assume success is not truly accessible. We are only limited by the power of our thoughts and belief systems.
  6. You will get out of life coaching what you put into it!
    Trying something new can be daunting, but you deserve to give it your best effort! Choosing Lighten Up Life Coach is an investment in yourself!


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